Looks & Likes again

There is a bunch of events taking place in Lithuania these days. Events that I am somehow involved with. One of them - the "2D" exhibition held in Vilnius - gave me a reason to finish a work that has been on my mind for too long. Here it is: one mirror and two sheets of glass.

I love the way mirror and transparent sandblasted glass lay here on my desk, on top of each other, reflecting and seen through. I am tempted to show them like this when the next time comes, although it was not my intention. Or what do you think?

"Looks & Likes" vol 2 could also be called "Me, Myself & I", but as the experience of motherhood is rather universal I hope there is space to resonate.

The exhibition "2D" will open on May 13th at Gallery Arka (Ausros Vartu g. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania) and will solely show works which use flat glass as the medium.

From the series of Looks & Likes. Untitled 6-8, 2014. Laying on my desk, ready to be packed and shipped.